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IRS Form W-9 2020

Tax Form W-9 Printable: Guide on Filling Out

What is a form W9? The IRS form W-9 is a tax document, in which a worker details personal info, sources of income and Social Security number. Most people don’t need to file it, as they are employed full-time, and their company’s accounting department handles all the paperwork.

For the independent contractors, the situation with W9 tax form is different. They need to file W 9 form manually upon their customer’s request. So, if you’re a freelance courier, self-employed Korean translator or a lead auditor —  a form W-9 printable PDF is what you need.

Luckily, you can get one right here. A blank form W-9 is legit and free at the same time. And apart from a form W-9 printable template, you will also get instructions and a few useful tips.

Filling out the doc is quite simple:

  1. Download a Form W-9 sample from our website.
  2. Detail your TIN.
  3. Enter your actual name.
  4. Write in your ‘doing business as’ name.
  5. Pick your business entity class.
  6. Specify your whereabouts: address, city, etc.

The procedure is pretty simple. Just make sure there are no mistakes, as every failure is punishable by IRS: fines range from $50 to $500.


Extra Information

Schedules & Deadlines

In truth, IRS form W-9 submission has no clear deadline. You can send the doc all around the year, as soon as you land another contract. However, there’s a general deadline of January 31. It applies to all 1099 type forms. So, you must report the revenue from all of your gigs by that date.

Possible Threats

Note: Never fill out and send the form if it’s requested by someone you don’t know or someone you’re not doing business with. Due to the fact that W-9 contains vulnerable info — your physical address and Social Security number — it can be used for fraud purposes.

Also, be extra careful when entering your data. Double-check your TIN. The problem is, every failure to provide it correctly can be punished with a $50 fine. Also, provide only true info about your revenue and ventures.

Mailing W-9

After you download Form W-9 print, you can fill it out and send to the IRS office. A bit better way is to send it digitally via the IRS website, as it saves more time. But the best way is to hire a professional.

You won’t have to worry about deadlines. You won’t need to search for the newest W 9 forms to print. And there will be no mistakes or failures in your tax declaration. So, if you value your time and nerves — outsourcing is what you need. No tax season stress!
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